Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week 32 - Sweet Dreams

Tuesday & Wednesday
Since I worked on the weekend my week started on Tuesday. I spent most the beginning of this week going to different campuses and supporting women that I had been coaching for student elections as well as plotting fliers and postering for Million Women Rise student bloc. Well done to Leah from UCL and Bahar from Goldsmiths for winning their election race, looking forward to seeing all the brilliant things that you are going to do next year :) Next week is the last week for Women's coaching so get involved!

This whole day was more ore less dedicated to prepping for Friday night's big campaign launch. Having like 0 moneys at ULU due to our university trying to demolish the union (and my mental health along with it apparently), means that allot of the time usually means hopping from campus to campus borrowing sugar. Thanks to the many officers/activist who helped me get things together especially Shelly Asquith from SUARTS. Every little helps! Managed to get lots of stuff for the launch in the end :)

We launched Good Night Out training guide for staff in students' unions to help to better address and prevent sexual harassment on campuses. This is in partnership with Hollaback London project "Good Night Out" which is the first ever London-wide campaign to end sexual harassment on nights out launches today, backed by some of London’s most high profile venues including Ministry of Sound and fabric. We had a club night where we handed out goodie bags with info, sweets, consent condom packs and stickers to students. Find out more about the guide here  and the London wide scheme here:

On Saturday was International Women's day and I attended my first ever Million Women Rise march in central London with some students.
On Sunday I went to LSE to speck at the consent workshop at the Wowzer Festival. It was an interactive round table discussion of consent with contributions from consent campaigners, sex educators, and survivors. It was a really interesting discussion and I'm sorry that I couldn't go to more of the amazing workshops over the weekend because everything looked brilliant!

Seeya next week :)

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