Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week 6 – Pig and Pepper


Right, back from a huge week of training I returned to the office to answer masses of emails. Most of them being replies to my ULU Women's Studies Series project. The project involves a series of free lectures/seminars/workshops across London universities on gender/women/feminist related topics. It also hopes to highlight Women in Academia, campaigning against sexism in academia and for more opportunities for women going into PHDs.

I got to meet one of the founders of The Girls Network. Training women to mentor young girls and providing them will the skills and connections to aim higher in life. In a surprisingly short amount of time we managed to lay down plans for an event at ULU early next year. Along with that I've set myself the task of sorting out ways that women students can get involved in the mentoring and fund-raising of the girls network. Its going to take some time but watch this space :)

I met Cathy who was doing research on sexual harassment and assault on university campuses. Cathy would like to be able to speak to some women who are willing to share their experiences. If you can help, you can email her at and you can then arrange a convenient time for a phone call.
I also had a visit from Royal Holloway Disabled Students' Officer :) Always happy to see liberation officers about. I met quite a few at ULU Training but I still need to meet the rest! On that note started to shape ULU Women's Officer training so if you are a women's officer or  women's representative at a london students' union please email if you want to attend :)

This day was dedicated mostly to the Hollaback! UL project. Myself and the Hollaback! NY Website wizes are still in the process of building the best interactive website possible for the project. Another related thing I was adding to the website in information about the upcoming ULU Women self defence classes. There's a lot of interest so make sure you check out the facebook page for information on the course.
On Thursday I also got really caught up in sorting out banding and promotion for the new liberation campaigns. Lots of stress but its all going to be worth it.


After working flat out last week in Lancaster and away at the weekend in Birmingham at UK Feminista Summer School. I thought I'd take a day off. Good thing I did because I was really ill the night before but Yay for self-care :) 

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