Saturday, 21 September 2013

ULU Women's Officer Report - (Mid July - September) 2013

Supporting Women in their Student Unions

·       I have almost finished the plans for the first ever London Women's Officer training at ULU which will be happening on the 5th of October.
·       I ran a Women’s Liberation session at ULU Officer Training, where I got officers to discuss what it means to be a women’s officer and what the job roles include and how to support women’s officers in student unions.
·       I chaired the StudentFems London Planning meeting for Student Fems London Freshers fayre 
·       I attended KCL intersectional FemSoc organising meeting to discuss changes to the society.
·       I met up with members of SOAS Women’s Group to discuss how they can work with the ULU Women’s Campaign
·       I’ve made free fresher’s packs for London student women's groups and feminist societies.

Defend Education (Advocating free education and defending women and gender studies)

·       Contacted over two dozen women lecturers to take part of ULU Women's Studies. Many lectures and PHD students have responded positively and agreed to give free lectures. I am therefore now putting together a calendar of free lectures that any student can attend.
·       Attended UAL Feminist Research Conference.

Cross Liberation Activism

·       I have, with the help of my fellow liberation officers, created the new ULU Liberation Network 
·       I have planned the launch party of the ULU Liberation Network: Liberation Carnival
·       Built ULU Liberation network website, Facebook page and mailing list
·       Got permission to occupy a space on the ground floor of ULU for liberation art work and art workshops and also a student parent meeting area with toys. It will be  treated as a gallery and called “The Playhouse”
·       Went to NUS Liberation training in Brighton

Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health 

·       Started up Sexpression London Project 
·       I <3 Consent Campaign 
·       Attended Abortion Rights Committee meeting to discuss student campaigns
·       Wrote an article for the Young Fabians on sexual health and consent in education.
·       Obtained 200 condoms/ dental dams/ lube to give to students who do not have them available in their own student unions.
·       Attended Bloomsbury Pro-choice organising meeting to discuss plans on how to combat the anti-choice group ‘40 days for life’, who harass vulnerable women outside abortion clinics.

Fight for a Zero Tolerance ULU

·       I wrote the Hollaback! ULU Report which was a cross campus report on sexual harassment.
·       I designed Hollaback Training package
·       I attended a Hollaback! site training webinar.
·       I wrote new grievance and disciplinary Policy at ULU. This was passed unanimously at Trustee board.
·       I’ve planned a panel discussion and Student Reclaim the Night which will be happening on 26th October with student bloc to follow.
·       Met with the group who are doing research on sexual harassment on transport for London
·       Been working with Student Activities to promote Women’s Self Defence Classes at ULU

Women Student Workers Campaign

·       Contacted South London Solidarity Federation Gender Working group about working with their “Stuff your sexist Boss” campaign to include and create support guides and workshops for student women.

ULU Women parents and carers campaign 

·       Contacted St George’s Student Parents Group and hope to meet up with them soon to talk to them about collating information on how to create similar support groups on campus
·       Started working with UCLU Women’s officer, Beth Sutton, on the playhouse project to make it a children friendly space where London student parents can meet each other.

Other things

·       Went on BBC Women's Hour
·       UK Feminista Summer School 
·       Currently planning Wear it Pink Night at ULU in aid of Brest Cancer Campaign which will be happening on the 25th of October.
·       Went NUS Lead and Change
·       Went to the UK Full-time Women’s Officer Meet
·       Met up with The Girls Network who train women to mentor young girls and provide them with the skills and connections to aim higher in life. In a surprisingly short amount of time we managed to lay down plans for an event at ULU early next year. Along with that I've set myself the task of sorting out ways in which women students can get involved in the mentoring and fund-raising of the girls network.
·       I’ve been invited to close The British Library’s Women’s Liberation Day on October 12th
·       I attended the End Violence against Women AGM with NUS Women’s Officer Kelley Temple.

·       I attended a meeting with London Higher with Michael Chessum and about the future of ULU.

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