Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 11 - Who stole the tarts and sweets and stuff?

Monday & Tuesday
On Monday and Tuesday, I was over at Royal Holloway, University of London. I was supposed to be taking a bit of annual leave but I couldn't help doing some liberation orientated work. I spent time with all of the four liberation officers at SURHUL and found out what they had planned for the year. I was also interested in how they were going to work together to make sure things were always intersectional. Me and Daniel Cooper both attended Royal Holloway and worked together with other student activists to get liberation officers introduced this year so it was awesome to see it all happening! :)

I spent most of Wednesday on my feet working out the maze which is UAL Kings Cross campus to give th UAL Feminist society - ArtFems their ULU Women's Freshers' goodie bag and the UAL President, ULU Housing Guides. That was an experience... The rest of my day was based on preparations for the Liberation Carnival, which you should all buy tickets for! It's going to be an amazing night and everyone should come :) If you are a ULU Student you can get a £3 ticket by clicking here! -

UCLU Fair stall holder CardOn this day I was at UCLU's Welcome' Fair. Seriously, well done to the organisers because I haven't seen so many students in one place since the last student demo. Also I got to wear my new fancy polo. I've only ever done a Welcome fair stall before and everyone was really lovely. Even, the rush of students that decided at the very last minute while we were packing that ULU cards are the best thing ever. You all made me learn very quickly how ULU Cards worked. I remember having one in my first year but I did not know how to use it because I didn't even understand what or where ULU was! Now I do, I think you should all have them. Get discounted stuff. Students love discounted stuff! And free stuff yo. Like Education.

 My day started with popping over to Central School of Speech and Drama and delivering a work shop on Liberation. It was the first time I've ever done it and the power point facilities didn't happen so I had to remember everything off the top off my head in the end. However, it CSSD Exec were brilliant (ARE brilliant) and the session covered loads of great stuff. Whoop! I then returned to ULU to sit at the Liberation Stall and sign up students to liberation email lists and hand out cool free stuff. My favourite part was seeing so many students with I <3 Consent stickers! :) Really not cool end to the night to find out that ULU Vice president was arrested at SURHUL when he was trying to speak out against racial profiling of black students by undercover cops on a SU night. You can read the SURHUL statement here.

I went to the Save our NHS Demo in Manchester with fellow ULU Students!

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