Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 12 - Alice's Evidence

My laptop battery decided to stop working. So as you can imagine... that wasn't cool. So if you are expecting something from me that involves my laptop you are unfortunately going to have to wait :(
Other things to happen on that day - New Women self defence classes adverts were up and major promotion for the liberation Carnival. There's over 100 (maybe 200 ) sign ups for women's self defence and there should be an email coming to everyone who signed up very soon. Also I've seen some adverts for the roller derby team floating about so hold tight for that too.

This whole day was dedicated to Liberation Carnival stuff. In a matter of hours I learnt how events worked at ULU. Including: where the speakers were, that staff don't do ticket /money handling stuff, or decorations, that we don't own a ramp! What union does not own a ramp?! Any way we worked our way round that as best as we could and the night turned out really well. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the amazing liberation poetry and a the feminist djing :) More of this sort of thang!


Since the Liberation Carnival Rush was over it was time to take on the London Women's Officer Training stuff. Also officially realised how much freshers stuff has filled up our office during the last two weeks! Though as you can imagine since all the sabbs stayed up to about 3am, not an enormous amount of work was done on this day.


I went to Heythrop College and managed to catch the end of the Feminist Society meeting. Heythrop has some amazing things going on liberation -wise and I look forward to talking to more students through out the year. After Heythrop I rushed back to ULU to finish of London Women's Officer Training stuff because I had Friday all booked up. (TW - Violence against women - Unfortunately at the end of the day I had a crapy encounter with a drunk male student. Following and grabbing women in the street is not ok. Touching women with out their consent is not ok. Passers by - You might want to stop and a least say something if you see this happening! I'm sticking this in my blog because I think its time for people to speak up . This is one of the reasons I'm pushing women's self defence so much this year so get involved!

Early morning riser to head to NUS HQ for the 2nd NUS Women's Campaign Committee meeting of the year. It was great to catch up with the team and start to make plans to put policy into action :) Also Kelley got us Pizza, that was nice too :)
I went back to work for a few hours before heading to UCL to step in as a speaker for the UCL Women's Network and Gender and feminism Society event: Feminism 101. It was cool to share a panel with awesome intersectional feminists.

London Women's Officer Training happened! Thanks to all the wonderful Women's Officers that came to ULU Women's Campaign Women's Officer Training today! Thanks to Kelley Temple for attending and thanks to the LadChester actors Hannah Webb (LadChester Head of Marketing) Michael Chessum - (LadChester Debate Soc President) Yasin Mudey - (LadChester Man Officer Motion proposer) Rose Walker LadChester AGM Chair

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