Sunday, 13 October 2013

Week 13 - Looking-Glass House

For all of you that are keeping up with the Alice in Wonderland inspired blog post headings, yes the booking is finish! Through the Looking Glass Time!

Monday & Tuesday
Embedded image permalinkMonday was sad because I woke up feeling really unwell which meant that week started off really slowly and I wasn't in the office much, so had to do many things from bed. What I did manage to do is finally sort out the sign for the ULU Playhouse down stairs which is going be a gallery/ art space / child friendly venue. Also The London Student came out and there are two articles that feature the ULU Women's Campaign. The first one is on the banning of Blurred lines and the second one is on how student unions and universities need to build systems to help students Hollaback!

So for freshers week I ordered ... with my own money ... 1000 I Love Consent stickers for women's and feminist groups just to get the consent campaign started. Since then Unions (even non-London unions) have bee asking for them. My laptop broke a week ago so I've been working with marketing to replicate the design an order a thousands which will in turn be a real cheap deal for everyone! If you want to know about the stickers, or more importantly, the campaign in general please email me at

I attended UCLU Gender and Feminism Society to talk about Freshers Week sexism and the Hollaback! ULU Campaign. Beth Sutton the UCL Women's Officer was there too. It's the first time this academic that I've been to  UCLU Gender and Feminism Society and I hope I will be able to pop by some more the future :)

In a couple of weeks we're having an event on inclusive student sexual health weeks with Sexpression London Project which is a project that aims  to bring sex and relationships education directly to ULU students. In preparation for the event I took on finalising opening the stack of condom boxes sitting in our office and making "I love consent" themed condom packs. I also spent some time making material for the Student Fems Fayre planned for Sunday.

I woke up vey early to head to the British Library for the "In conversation with the Women's Liberation event". The event was very interesting. I was really nervous about doing the closing comments so I was very grateful that my fellow student femrades came to support me. There was as much drama as you could expect at one of these sorts of events, though I think many came away from it thinking that another event should take place where contemporary feminist activists take centre stage instead of second wave activists. I've got more to say about the event so look out in the near future. After the event the fems got together for some dinner then headed off to the UCLU Black History Month Talent contest. I had to leave half-way through but what I managed to see was amazing and the quality of acts was incredibly high.

Sunday was StudentFems Freshers Fayre. Student Fems London planned this event so far ahead so it was really strange how it crept up on us finally. It was great so meet some great newbies who were looking to get active on their campuses in the new year. Big shout out to all the volunteers and to Kelley Temple, Laura Bates and Lili for coming to speak and I can't wait for the next Student Fems London event. If you want to be put on the mailing list please email :)

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