Monday, 11 November 2013

Week 17 - Wool and Water

Monday started in the best way, meetings with women student activists! I caught up with one of the presidents of the SOAS Women's Society and then one of the SOAS Women's Officers.  I've also been invited to speak at the event: Fighting #EverydaySexism at SOAS with Laura Bates on the 26th. Check out the facebook event by clicking here. Another awesome things was the hollaback! Posters finally went up around the building :)

On Tuesday I was visited by the KCL Women's Officer to talk about her campaign and setting up her women's group on campus. I'm having discussions with 3/4 campuses at the moment about Women's Forums. Its really exciting stuff and I'm sure it will strengthen women's campaigns on campuses. I also got to launch tickets for the second ULU Women's Studies Lecture. This one is by Edith Hall, Professor of Classics in the Classics Department and Centre for Hellenic Studies at King's College London, who will be giving a lecture on Ancient Greece, Rome and Women's Studies on the 26th on November. Click here for free tickets.

This week at admin meeting I asked for a huge Dump Bin for condom packs. I plan for this to be in the reception of ULU so students can pick them up as they wish. It will be covered in "I <3 Consent Theme" wrapping and stuff. It will also have some stickers in it. I met up with some the UCL Gender and feminism members and later Ren to talk about technical aspects of the hollaback! exhibition. When I got that all more or less sorted I started to get all the printing done for the conference. Whoop print party!

Strange this started happening in the building. The letters for the "Give Us A Smile Love" sculpture for the hollaback! campaign exhibit was transported out side from the play house. After months of planning it was great to see the first steps actually going forward!
I also met up with women students to pre-plan for the Cultural Appropriation 101 workshop for the Autumn liberation Conference. At the end of the day I attend the second women-only self defence class downs stairs in the gym. Its actually the best way to end a day! :)

Friday was full of final preparations for the conference.  It would be nice to have staff members to help you with stuff but you can only wish! So dear sabbs who have whole staff members to help out around the place with this like printing, student advice, liberation etc BE GRATEFUL! It became one of those jam packed Fridays where I ended up doing allot of staff that I need staff to finish off for me but everyone has gone home a bit earlier or was not in BECUSE ITS FRIDAY. Friday night club bopping has become a myth for my life.
However, I did have a nice end to the day and went to Nandos for NUS Women's Officer Kelley Temple's Birthday Dinner. It was great to see current, present and past NUS feminists :)

Saturday was the big earlier morning riser for the Autumn liberation Conference! I'm glad to say that it was a brilliant experience and everyone seemed to have a great time, make friends, contacts and learned something new. I know some write ups are going to be done about some of the sessions that happened which will be great for people who did not manage to attend. Hope to see you all at the winter conference. After the conference was the opening event for the Give Us a smile love exhibition. It was a god turn out and very interactive. I'm so proud of Ren who has been putting it all together, its been a roller-coaster of a week trying to get it all sorted. Its around for a week so make sure you check it out! Click here for the facebook event. 

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