Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week 16 - Tweedledum and Tweedledee

On Monday I launched the sign up system for the autumn ULU Liberation Conference. I'm really looking forward to meeting students who are passionate about liberation! If you haven't clicked attending on the facebook event and you are coming please do, especially because facebook is really good at reminding people to do things. But, most importantly please register so we know who is coming and can prepare for action on the day. The website has gone a bit funny but you can still register your place here! -


I started doing my write up of London Student Women Reclaim the night which you can now read here -
Later in the day I went to a SOAS women's society meeting on their production of Four Coloured Girls to talk about intersectionailty and listen to the discussion about what they were preparing to do do for Women's week in February. Going out to campuses and talking to women is what I love doing best and I try fit as much of it in my weekly agenda as much as possible so if your women's group want to meet up for a chat just send me an email at

On wednesday we finally launched the hollaback! ULU website which you can see here. Also we're started shifting things around downstairs for the exhibition "Give Us a Smile" which is on street harassment. November the 9th is the opening night and it will be running straight after ULU Liberation Conference so should be a super exciting end to the day. You can check out the facebook event page here -

I went to the first ULU Women's Studies Series lecture called ULU Women's Studies: ‘Women can’t paint, women can’t write’: Asserting Artistic Autonomy in the Female K├╝nstlerroman by Dr. Elise Thornton. We had students from Goldsmiths, Warwick and different UAL Campuses and more sign ups to the ULU Women's Campaign Mailing list :)  After the event I went along to the first ULU women's self defence class which was a brilliant end to the day!

I was working from home on Friday since I had had been working lots of weekends and getting quite burnt out. I was also made aware about a incident involving a student wearing black face at the ULU Halloween party the night before and will be investigating this next Monday.

See you next week!

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