Friday, 1 November 2013

Women’s Officer Report - October 2013

ULU Women’s Officer Report
Susuana Antubam - October 2013
Supporting Women in their Student Unions
  • I hosted London Women's Officer training at ULU on the 5th of October.
  • I help organised a successful Student Fems London Freshers fayre at the Feminist Library
  • I met up with members of SOAS Women’s Group and SOAS Women’s Officer to discuss creating a self-defining women’s forum at SOAS
  • Goldsmiths College to talk to their femsoc about Intersectionality with Ginger Drage who is also on the NUS Women's Committee.
Defend Education (Advocating free education and defending women and gender studies)
  • Launched the register system for to the free ULU Women's Studies Series lectures and seminars.

Cross liberation Activism
  • Started organising the first ULU Liberation Conference
  • Launched all the online things for the liberation network
  • Central School of Speech and Drama and delivering a work shop on Liberation.
  • Facilitated to the liberation stall at ULU Freshers fayre

Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health 
  • I helped start up Sexpression London Project 
  • Ordered 3000 I <3 Consent tickets on request of student unions
  • Helped Organised the Sexpression University Training even which will be happing this Saturday 26th
  • Made lots of I <3 Consent free condom packs
  • Started helping plan the Student Abortion Rights conference which will be in late November.
  • Went to the NHS Demo in Manchester
Fight for a Zero Tolerance ULU
  • Witten a harassment complaints form for ULU.
  • Organised banner making workshop for Student Women Reclaim the night
  • I attended UCLU Gender and Feminism Society to talk about Freshers Week sexism and the Hollaback! ULU Campaign
  • I’ve been working with Birkbeck, UCL and Royal Holloway with joining the Hollaback! Project
  • Working with UEL Student to get funding for a end violence against women project in London Universities.
Women Student Workers Campaign
  • Met up with Sex Worker Open University and talked about what ULU could to do reach out to student women sexwokers and educate people about the effects of stigmatisation.

ULU Women parents and carers campaign  
  • Opened the Playhouse down stairs at ULU
  • Currently reviewing safety measures so we can order toys and start student parent meetings
  • Working on strategy for next terms Caring in Education Campaign

Other things

  • NUS HQ for the 2nd NUS Women's Campaign Committee meeting
  • Helped organise Wear it Pink at ULU to raise money for Brest Cancer Campaign
  • I attend and did the closing speech at The British Library’s Women’s Liberation Day on October 12th
  • Helping out with the Save ULU Campaign

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