Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 18 - Humpty Dumpty

On Monday, I launched the ULU Women Only Swimming Sessions Survey. At ULU We are hoping to start up women-only swimming sessions on Sunday mornings and we’d like to get some more opinions from UoL women students/staff on how we should organise them. If you are a ULU woman student/staff member you can fill in the questionnaire here:

Well, as well helping to build for the demo I managed to get into a huge online storm about the new not-so-feminist Lily Allen new video. I posted a large status on facebook and then people wanted to share it so I made it a blog post. Its been read over 4000 times and I just hope it came in handy to women like me who were sick of the fact that this video being posted around social media like Lily Allen was the great feminist Messiah of Pop. Its been posted and quoted in a couple of places but you can read the original post here:

Wednesday was DEMO day. It was a good turn out and it was great to see some many students out on the street fighting to save their union. What wasn't so great was the aggressive behaviour by the excessive amount of police officers towards students who were protesting on their own campus.
Later on I met up with Goldsmiths Women's Officers Karis and Bahar about setting up a women's forum at Goldsmiths. Lots of exciting stuff going on there. Even later that evening, I attended the the KCL Intersectional FemSoc Feminist Pub Quiz.

Woke up with loads of messages asking were ULU President Michael Chessum was. I thought: hey, this is strange. I was then joined by some UCL Gender and Feminism society at the #giveusasmile exhibition. Then I found out the sabb-bro got arrested after a meeting with university management. So we went to go and get Chessum out of jail. We protested outside Holborn Police station from 4:30pm until they let him go. Pretty glad they let him go, it was getting cold. Look at my my awesome t-shirt. Just look at it.

After the #freechessum stuff I think all of the sabbs were pretty burnt out so we worked from home on Friday. I released statement about the ULU Halloween party Blackface incident which you can read here Also some information about the ULU Referendum went up in the ULU website. The referendum is now open. If you are a UoL student, you can find out how to vote in the referendum at

In the morning I went to an Abortion Rights UK committee meeting to do a student update with NUS Women's officer Kelley Temple and NUS USI Women's Officer Aisling Gallagher. Straight after that, I headed over to ULU to go to the #giveusasmile exhibition with some UCL students including UCLU Women's Officer Beth Sutton. I spent the rest of the day helping things get set up for the Hollaback! ULU Riot Girl Night. The night was a great success and it was amazing to see so many people that had never been to ULU come along. Big thanks to Ren for organising the brilliant bands: The Tuts, Perkie&the Perkettes, Oh Boy, My Therapist Says Hot Damn and Petrol Girls. You can check out the pics from that night here! - PHOTOS

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