Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 19 - The Lion and the Unicorn

This week I've been very sick so I actually haven't been in the office that much! 

Early on Wednesday I found myself having to release a statement on the ULU Women's Swimming sessions because some people had sent sexist and ableist abuse via the survey that I put out for Energybase (the gym at ULU). You can read this statement here. I would like to remind everyone that ULU has a Safer Spaces policy and we do not tolerate harassment. 

Later that Evening I attended London International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013. The event was held at ULU and was well attended. All the speakers, musicians an poetry were really moving and was great to see old friends and also the inspirational Paris Lees in the flesh. 

On Thursday I was introduced to RateMash, an awful website which puts facebook photos of students up without their permission. I tried to alert as many Student Union Officers and student feminists as possible and tried to get pages taken down. I managed to get Huffpost Students on it and they released an article - Ratemash: The Site Taking Students' Facebook Profiles And Asking You To Rate Their Hotness. On the upside of the day, I also started promoting the "SWOU and ULU present: The Sex Worker Art Show" December 17th is the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. On the run up to the day the will be a five day exhibition at the ULU Playhouse Gallery by Sex Worker Open University. Theres going to be art, zines, film screenings and discussions about students in sex-work so come along! See facebook event here.

On Saturday I attended the Abortion Rights Student Conference at ULU. I'm really proud that ULU was able to host this amazing event and that I was also able to represent the NUS Women's Campaign on the Student panel with Barbara Ntumy. There were students from London, Brighton, Cardiff and Oxford (Sorry to the ones I missed off).

I got to talk about the NUS Women's Campaign new briefing on keeping Student Unions. I look forward to more students campaigning on defending and furthering reproductive choice and improving information on their campus on access to reproductive health services. 

I attended the StudentFems London Meeting the Feminist Library. Its always great to have a student feminist catch up and see whats happening on campuses. We also decided that we are going have Feministmas Fair to raise money for the feminist library, hopefully on December 14th. We'll be releasing more information soon. We also talked about StudentFems London Conference 2014. Really looking to both of those things!

Off to Bradford tomorrow for Reclaim the Night

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