Monday, 2 December 2013

Week 20 - `It's my own Invention'


I travelled to Bradford to support Steffy, the Bradford Students' Union Sabbatical Women's Officer, with Reclaim the Night Bradford. There hasn't been a Reclaim the Night in the area since days of Jack the Ripper. Well done Steffy and TeamBradford for organising a great march and after party :) Everyone at the union was very friendly and accommodating. Theres really so much going on in Bradford at the moment on the liberation front, I can't wait to visit again. Also got to hang out with Sheffield's Women's Officer #womenofficerlove

I spoke at SOAS Women's Society's event - Everyday Sexism at SOAS with Laura Bates and students campaigning against sexism on campuses. I'm really impressed with the work which is going on at SOAS, especially the development of the new reporting system for harassment. After this event I ran back to ULU for ULU Women's Studies. After this event I ran back to SOAS to speak at the SOAS Agender Society's event - Our Bodies - Our Choices: Feminist Perspectives on Reproductive Rights.


I was really Ill on Wednesday so the most I could do was pop by to the 3 COSAS Demo. It was large and lively, well done to everyone who helped put it together and who was there on Wednesday and Thursday from 5am! For more information about the campaign for Equal SICK PAY, HOLIDAYS and PENSIONS at University of London go here >> Follow them on Twitter @3CosasCampaign, Email:,

I attended the NUS Women in Leadership Conference as a representative for the Women's Campaign. It was lovely to meet loads of women students, new and old faces :). Look here is a photo of me and Sidonie from Royal Holloway, University of London. During the conference I was glad to receive the info that the 3COSAS had been successful in getting 2 of their demands, which was great news.


I was on Sky News at 945am talking about Girl-guiding UK's new research on the experiences of sexism of young women. You can read more about the research here - Sexism is daily reality for girls, says Girl-guiding. I deliver 2 Hollaback! ULU Training sessions back to back for staff members at ULU. It was great feel that ULU staff knew what and what not to do if a student goes to them for help. Yay for safer spaces :) A woman student from SOAS ISoc also popped by with a petition of support for Women-Only swimming sessions and a box of chocolates for me :) 

I delivered my first ever I <3 Consent Workshop Training at ULU. It went really well and there were many helpful and progressive discussions. Thanks to all the students who came from SOAS, KCL, CSSD, UCL, QMUL, Oxford Books, and the non-students and best of luck with delivering the workshops on your campus, I'm sure you'll all be great! Going to work on those consent posters this week :) Keep your eyes pealed!


I ended the week by attending the NUS Black Students' Winter Conference. I attended Uniting women against racism and sexism workshop and another discussion on the lack of diversity in the curriculum and student leadership. It was a really great and chilled way to end the week :) Thank you BSC!

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