Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week 22 - Shaking

I got to spend the day at NUS HQ with the NUS Women's Campaign Committee. It was a very productive day and I'm really looking forward to NUS Women's Conference and all the awesome policy and workshops that we are going to have! I'm also happy to announce that the NUS Women's Campaign Committee will be writing a statement in support of #copsoffcampus. I know a few women came up to me last week and told me about incidents where they had been handled inappropriately by police officers. We want to compile these experiences for the statement so feel free to send me a personal message on here or at

Cops Off Campus Demo! This went amazingly well - as in no one got arrested and there were no cops on campus! Though this is not the end (obviously). A special thanks to everyone (ULU staff and students) who helped prepare the safer space room, first aid room and prayer room at ULU on the day. Warm fuzzy feelings all round. Also Goldsmiths SU also passed a motion to create a full time Women's Officer position! Whoop go Goldsmiths!

I helped clear up the playhouse for the the SWOU and ULU present: The Sex Worker Art Show. That evening I also went to the Black Women's Forum - Black Women and Academia event at SOAS. SOAS WHY IS YOUR OTHER CAMPUS SO FAR AWAY? Any way the event was really thought provoking (and emotional at times) and I think that the organisers did an amazing job. Sorry I had to leave a little early!

This was the opening day for - SWOU and ULU present: The Sex Worker Art Show. The exhibition is running as part of the week leading up to International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on December 17th. ULU will be hosting the London Vigil for this event, see more information here -
Also Beyonce album dropped and in celebration of this the ULU Women's Campaign is having a Beyonce themed end of year social. I'm really excited about this! You can find out more information about this brilliant event right here -

I had an early morning riser for the Feministmas fair at the Feminist Library. Thanks to everyone who came down. We raised £117.50 for the library through stall fees and Feminist library treats. I hope everyone got awesome gifts for their loved ones.
After Feministmas I made a quick change then headed down to the ULU Staff Christmas party. This was my first ever staff Christmas Party, it was exactly like it was on the telly. I think that me and Oscar Webb showed that Sabbs could have fun though (and Adam). We don't just hide in our offices/ get arrested.

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