Monday, 23 December 2013

Week 23 - Waking

I had an early morning wake up for the Full-Time Women's Officer Meeting at ULU. It was great to see Kelley Temple (NUS Women's Officer), Rhiannon Hedge (NUS Wales Women's Officer), Tabz O'Brien-Butcher (Manchester Women's Officer), Katherine Chapman (Sheffield Women's Officer) & Steffy Bechelet (Bradford Women's Officer). Its always awesome to catch up with these amazing women and talk about all the work that we have done so far, as well as what the NUS Women's Campaign can do to help us on our campuses. I also got to share the amazing news about Goldsmiths College, University of London passing a motion to create a full time Women's Officer. Yay!

Tuesday was International Day To End Violence against Sex Workers. ULU hosted the official London event and vigil in the ULU Playhouse Gallery, organised by Sex Worker Open University (SWOU). There were so many people at the event and lots of insightful speeches and testimonies. The exhibition which SWOU facilitated on the run up to the event was a great success with lots of positive feedback. It was a beautiful and emotional event and I like to thank everyone who took part in organising it and to everyone who attended.

I worked from home on this day. Since there wasn't really many students about, or staff and the fact that the eventful evening the night before had tired me out, I thought that it was best to crack on with all the bureaucratic but important stuff at home. I've seem to have had all the room booking requests for amazing projects and at the most difficult time of the year to book rooms. But I managed to secure most of them including the StudentFems London Conference which will be happening on the 1st + 2st march and the ULU WomCam Forum: Women in the Media Network. 
I get really excited when women students come up with brilliant projects that ULU can help with :)

This was my last day at ULU for the year. When all the students and half the staff you need are gone there's not much you can do. That night I had the amazing ULU Women's campaign social where we screened BeyoncĂ© videos and ate cake and talked about feminism. Anyway, see you all next year! 

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