Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 24 - Which Dreamed it?


First day back in the office and I launched the free tickets for the new ULU Women's Studies Series Lecture - Whoop!  This lecture will be by Nisha Ramayya, a Royal Holloway, University of London PHD Student and it's called - ULU Women's Studies: ‘Poetry is the space of the fold’: Feminist Poetics after feminine écriture. You can check out the facebook event by clicking here. Also, I got to announce the wonderful news about ULU getting a new cash machine that doesn't charge people for taking out money. Every little helps!

finally got to secure the space at ULU for the student mental health organisation Succession’s first ever event in partnership with Time to Change’s Time to Talk day. It will be happening at The Venue and if you want to come to this amazing student-led event please RSVP by clicking this link and following the instructions. The ULU Sabbs also released new year's message about what's going on at ULU and how students can get involved - which you can read here.  


My day started with an exciting message from NUS Women's Officer Kelley Temple who announced that she will be supporting my candidacy to become the next NUS National Women's Officer. I also got down to sorting out the safer spaces room (2C) and prayer room (2E) at ULU for the next big DEMO. These rooms will be available from from 12:30pm on the day. I also got the room for the next I Heart Consent Workshop! Only 12 places so grab a spot soon! See facebook event page! I also sent a pack of I Heart Consent stickers over to ULU's Paris Campus! I hope you enjoy them ULIP FemSoc! :)

I GOT TO SHARE REALLY EXCITING NEWS! You asked! We delivered! (Phew!) ULU will be doing a trial women's only swimming session. This will be running on Sundays from 09:00 – 11:00, starting on the 2nd of Feb 2014. More details to come in the following weeks :) I also spent the day sorting out a calendar of exciting women's campaign events for the month which should be all on the next ULU Women's Campaign newsletter. If you are a woman student and you're interested in keeping up to date with the Women's Campaign you can sign up to the newsletter by clicking here! 

I was prepping for two amazing things that I can't tell you about until next week because it's a surprise, obviously. I hope everyone has had a great break and has a brilliant start to the new term! Theres lots of important things happening next week like the organising meeting for the StudentFems London Conference. Check out the facebook event here. See you next Week

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