Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 35 - Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?

Tuesday -
On this day we had the second ULU Women's Studies Lecture of Women's History Month, which was titled ULU Women's Studies: ‘Poetry is the space of the fold’: Feminist Poetics after feminine écriture" delivered Nisha Ramayya a Royal Holloway, University of London PHD Student. I hoped everyone had an excellent time! I'm looking for new lecturers for the new term so contact me at if you want to get involved :)

I had the pleasure of getting to meet up with Royal Holloway's Education and Welfare Officer Sidonie and we had a brilliant chat about her new role next year "Welfare and Diversity" and what that will look like.  To be honest I think after Women's Officer, Welfare and Diversity is my second favourite sabb role! Afterwards I headed down to London School of Economics and Political Science where I got the famous black feminist theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw deliver her lecture titled: "Justice Rising: moving intersectionally in the age of post-everything". I even got to ask her a question and it was by far the best lecture I ever attended, she got a standing ovation! :)

I moved properly in to my new space at ULU which I'm very pleased with. I also began finalising some more work around hollaback! and the Good Night Out project in responses to the many many messages from students, activist and student union staff from all over London and the UK who want to get involved. I admit, I don't have all the answers available at the moment but me and the team are working to make the project more accessible for people to get on board with. Also, I stated drawing up ideas for a Hollaback! London volunteer training event!

This was the day of the bureaucrat. After regaining full access to my emails yesterday, I finally settled back into the office to sort out events and my calendar for the next month in the half. So I'm glad to say that we can al look forward to women's forums, a third consent workshop training day with a twist an easter student parents and carers meet up and more to be announce via various social media outlets!


I attended spoke at the Abortion Rights UK AGM "Get Prochoice Proactive: Abortion Rights Prochoice Public Meeting", mostly about migrant rights, the student movement, international students and how the pro-choice movement needs more intersectionailty and to start using more inclusive terminology i.e not everyone who has a uterus defines as a woman. We passed 3 motions - to condem the problematic abortion media coverage, to campaign for free access to reproductive services for migrants and supporting activism Northern Ireland. Current NUS Women's Officer Kelley Temple was there and she also got re-elected on to the Abortion Rights UK Committee with me and current NUS-USI Women's Officer Aisling Gallagher :D

See ya next week!

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