Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello there!

Hi I'm Susuana and I'm the NUS National Women's Officer!

So last year I blogged every single week when I was a Women's Officer in London. I've given the blog a bit of a make over and started it up again. If you're signed up to the NUS Women's campaign newsletter, you'll get general updates every month or so, but if you ever wonder what I'm doing day to day this will be the place to check out. All views are my own and not of NUS.

So at the Women's Campaign, we're kicking of the year by providing you with the resources to plan you year so if you haven't already order a NUS Liberation freshers pack! The Women's campaign pack is full of loads of information and goodies, it includes posters, postcards, leaflets and stickers about the women's campaign, consent on campus, abortion rights, student carers and more!

Stuff that you should also look out for are:

The new Women's Officer handbook - If you are a first time women's officer or if your looking to build a women's group on campus this nifty guide was made for you! Lots of tips about how to run campaigns, create networks and how to win the arguments for women's representation. (I did have a blog post ready for the NUS connect website a while ago about tips for the new term but for some reason it didn't get put up in time but never mind, you can find lots of tips in this handbook and probably in more depth)

Consent Workshop facilitator guide - So you might have heard, we've launched a pilot scheme for consent workshops but if you missed out have no fear. The facilitator guide will enable you to deliver workshops on your own campus.

Intersectionality 101 Guide - Want to build a more intersectional campaign and network on campus but you don't know how? This guide provides info on the history of intersectionality and how we can incorporate it into liberation activism.

Reclaim the Night Student Organiser Guide (Coming Soon) - its all been written, just needs to be made to look cool. If you're organising a Reclaim the night march, this awesome booklet will outline how to go about it!

Susuana Xx

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