Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week 43 - Women's Officer Report (May)

Supporting Women in their students' Unions: 
  • I delivered a London Women's Officer Training day in the first term and created a network of London Women Student Officers.
  • I hosted monthly ULU Women's Forums at ULU, talking to many women students from across London about various issues.
  • I helped organise the second StudentFems London Conference. 
  • Women students petitioned for women-only swimming sessions - We worked to get women-only swimming hours on Sundays and won. 
Cross Liberation activism
  • I opened the Playhouse Gallery which has hosted may cross-liberation exhibitions and events as well as student parents and carers meet ups. 
  • I helped organise the ULU Liberation Conference. 
  • The part-time ULU liberation officers and I promoted pan london events during liberation history months and beyond.
  • I also delivered intersectional liberation workshops to student exec teams and feminist societies. 

Defend Education

  • I launched ULU Women's Studies Series, this was a series of lectures lead by women lecturers and phd students across London open to the public.
  • Lectures were on a range of subjects including: Classics, Intersectionality, Virginia Woolf and Women in India.
  • Lectures were hosted mostly at ULU and we had one lecture at KCL Strand Campus. 

Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health 
  • I made sure that there are now free condoms/femadoms/lube available from the ULU reception desk 
  • I helped host the V-inspired Love Is event at ULU around Valentines day. 
  • I delivered I heart Consent Workshop training days and created downloadable workshop guides.
  • I helped SOAS SU and CSSD SU launch the I Hart Consent Campaign on their campuses.
  • I hosted Sexpression University event and invited different sexual health organisations to come to ULU and talk about how student activists and officers can make an impact on their campuses n regards to SRE. 

Zero Tolerance
  • I completed a london wide reseach project in sexual harassment on campuses and launched the student-led anti-sexual harassment campaign Hollaback! ULU.
  • I organised the student pre-reclaim the night London intersectional panel 
  • I created a new anti-harassment grievance and disciplinary procedure for ULU students and visitors. Previously there had only been one for staff members  
  • I created student staff training guide which is a available for all unions to download online.
  • I promoted and went to ULU Women's Only self-defence classes. 
  • I worked with Hollaback! London to build the student half of the Good Night Out project which is a London club/pub/union zero- tolerance initiative which focuses on staff training and anti-sexual harassment policy visibility.

ULU Women Parents and Carers

  • Launched love2care with the UCL Welfare an International Officer - which involved a series of student parents and carers meet ups ie - Alternative Valentines day lunch 
  • All events were also attended to by the NUS Women's Campaign's Carers rep. 
  • I've been supporting the University of Arts Students' Union 
  • ULU teamed up with UCL to host the children's easter egg hunt
  • NUS National Executive passed a motion to create a students with caring responsibilities section with I look forward to helping to build next year in my role as NUS Women's Officer 

Student Women Workers
- I've requested stories from student women about sexism in the work place
- Currently working with women trade union activists to put together a zine on fighting sexism in the work places in time for the end of term when many women will be looking for employment. 

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