Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 8 - The Queen's Croquet Ground

My Monday morning started with a lovely gift on my desk from a welfare fairy. What says freshers is coming better than an overflowing box of condoms and lube? On that note though, I will be speaking at Students fighting to defend the NHS about sexual health and the importance of the NHS to women's liberation.
Anyway, following this grand gesture I later met up with the LGBT officer from Birkbeck and our very own ULU LGBT+ Officer to talk about Queer Self Defence Training. Our student activities dude is off on leave at the moment but I will be discussing this with him as soon as he gets back and we can get this plan into action.

I attended the Bloomsbury Pro-choice organising meeting here and talked about tactics to fight the anti-choice 40 days for Life, (also known as 40 days for bullying women who have to go into abortion clinics). A really awful anti-choice dude tried to infiltrate the meeting, though he soon left once it was made clear that he wasn't welcome. If you want to get involved with future bpca action, please like the Facebook page and ask about the email list!

On this day I took a trip to the feminist Library to chair the StudentFems London Meeting about our fantastic freshers fayre coming up at the feminist library. The event will be a great opportunity for student feminists across the city to meet each other and get involved in intersectional feminist activity. So if you think student feminism deserves more than one puny table at your campus farye, you should probably come along to this! If you want more info about the event, check out the Facebook page :) I've been put on promotion duty for the event and I've designed the flyers which should be printed next week, ready for the women's and feminist freshers packs which i'll be sending out to freshers stalls, London wide :) Also we've got a new website here at ULU ( very fun looking, gah my sabb photo really isn't my best look :P

My Thursday started with a positive meeting with London Union of Students Interim Exec, followed by a day of planning for the London Women's Officer Training event which will be happening on the 5th of October 2013. I know that right now you wish you were all women's officers so you could all come to training. Who wouldn't want to go to something which used Avengers font? You know it's about to go down.

My morning started with a great meeting with a female student about a Sudanese girls' Mentoring scheme that she wanted help advertising. After that meeting I spent the rest of the day mostly working on the online launch of the ULU liberation Network. If you are a student liberation activists and you have an event or two coming up, I'm currently sorting out the ULU Liberation Network website so if you want your event advertised please send me info, along with the venue, date, time and accessibly details. Either send me a message on here or to

Weekend things
I try to avoid working on the weekends but you know. On Saturday I attended my first Abortion Rights  UK Committee meeting (prochoice students ftw) and on Sunday (today) attended my first Hollaback! site training webinar. *Exhale* BYE!

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