Monday, 27 January 2014

Week 26 - Tweedledum and Tweedledee

I met with some students from Succession to sort out some final things for the big launch night in association with the ULU Liberation Network and Time to change. I also met up with the new SOAS Welfare staff member to talk about the work I do and how we can work together on issues at SOAS - smashing sexism at SOAS yes please. Later on that evening I attended the first ULU Women in the Media Network meeting which was ace, can't wait for the next one.

So on this day I went to the NUS London Meeting at Southbank University. It was great to see so many student officers engaging in conversations and discussing what we thought were key issues for London Students. Towards the end of the event I was lucky enough got elected onto the NUS London Interim committee. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I can't wait to get cracking on planning for student Pan-London democratic representation and campaigning.  Almost straight after that I headed down to London College of Communications to talk about Pan-London student parents and carers support campaigns.


Wednesday was Demo day (when is it not demo day at ULU) I marched with hundreds of students across central London. Students came from all over to demonstrate against the privatisation of student loans, for cops off campus, for democratically run student unions, for the 3COSAS campaign and in Solidarity with Mark Duggan's family. It was a great turn out and I'm sure there will be more of this to come.
I also launched the I Heart Consent tumblr site, which I will hopefully stick regular updates about how the campaign is growing and new ideas on how to spread the word about consent on campuses. The web link is here -

On this day I was finally able to confirm and sort things out for the next ULU Women's studies event which will be - ULU Women's Studies: 'Women, Neoliberalism and the Hindu Right in India''. This lecture will be lead by LSE's by Dr Kalpana Wilson and is also part of  #UCLIndiaWeek - what a pan London partnership that is! You can find more information about this here - and you can get free tickets from here! -

On this day I finally got to release the ULU I Heart Consent workshop training guide for students unions. I had been working on it all Christmas and had many wonderful people from Simon Blake from Brooks and my flatmate to old uni buddies reviewing the text to make sure everything was accessible and correct. I want to thank the students from the first ULU I Heart Consent workshop, because their discussions helped me shape this guide into what it is. You can find guide here! -

On Saturday I came in really early to deliver the second I Heart Consent workshop training. We got to use the brand new I Heart Consent workshop training guides. There were many interesting conversations and I was glad to see how informed many of the students were and how easy it was to explain some concepts that some people hadn't heard about. At the end of there day its all about education and promoting social change. Well worth working on Saturday for.

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