Sunday, 2 February 2014

Week 27 - Wonderland

I spent most of this day sorting the ins and outs of the StudentFems London Conference which will be happening on the 1st and 2nd of March!
Theres lots of exciting things which are going to be happening along side the conference, including Hollaback! Reloaded, the return of ULU's most loved riot girl live music night. The facebook event should be updated soon and you should be able to register for the most amazing student feminist hang out of the year on Wednesday!
I also finally got some promo up for the Play House. The Play House now has it's own page on the ULU website and facebook page :) 

On this day we had ULU Women's Studies: 'Women, Neoliberalism and the Hindu Right in India''. The lecture, which was given by LSE's Dr Kalpana Wilson was also this lecture is also apart of #UCLIndiaWeek. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to putting all together.
I hope we can get some more intersectional lectures going for February too! I think most of the places for March's lectures are gone but I'm going to try and sneak through a few more lectures before then - wish me luck! Also thanks again to wall the wonderful women lecturers who have taken part already!

I was at London College of Communications again, this time for the second to last NUS Women's Campaign Committee meeting of the year. We talked about Women's Conference and also other liberation conferences and what intersectional motions we could put through to different conferences. It was amazing to see what everyone had got up to as committee members and discuss how we could make Women's conference more accessible.
One of the many highlights of the meeting was when as a committee unanimously passed a motion to support and donate money to the Focus E15 Mothers Campaign.

My day started off with an interview with Arts London News, the University of Arts London's student publication. I had the opportunity to talk about the I Heart Consent work along with the work which I have been doing with Hollaback! Later on in the day I had to go get some more resources for the "I Heart Consent" free condoms bucket down stairs! Afterwards I met up with Katie - UCLU Welfare and International officer to get some decorations as and craft stuff foe our family day which will be on the 14th of February.

So I released the I Heart Consent workshop guide last Friday, and one week later I'm happy to  be able to  announce that the I Heart Consent workshop guide is now a NUS resource.
Here is Kelley Temple's blog on why consent is an issue for the student movement.

See ya next week! xx

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