Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 28 - On Time for Tea

The fashion magazine ASOS came to ULU to do a photo shoot and interview with me, the Hollaback ULU and Hollaback London Gang! I only found out that this was happening a couple of days before so it was all a bit strange but exciting. Anyway, our faces will be in the April Issue and we'll talking about combating street harassment with grass roots activism!

I had eeting with Hollaback! London on secret plans which I can reveal in a couple of weeks. You are going to love it I swear! I also finalised the structure for the Students Fems Conference and sorted out the registration process and after party arrangements - Its the return of Hollaback Riot Grrrl Night! There's lots of super exciting stuff coming up for ULU Women's History Month so keep your eyes pealed!

I was really really ill on this day which was crap because I want to go to some picket lines, I just about managed to get to NUS HQ. I can now confirm that my nomination to run as NUS National Women’s Officer has been accepted and I'm officially a candidate in the elections. How cool!
I also did manage to go and see some women students who were planning to run for sabb positions on their campus to officer practical support and advice.

I took a self-care day off and went on trip to Oxford where I had lunch with the brilliant Oxford Brookes Women's Officer and met up with the Oxford Black Women's Group. Obviously can't get away from feminist discussion!

I had an early morning riser for NUS London committee meeting at Central St Martins before running to work to make sure everything was sorted material-wise for SOAS' I Heart Consent Campaign event. I then cut my work day quite short because I was still feeling unwell and had to save some energy because I was going to be active over the weekend.

I travelled to Leeds Student's Union for FemJam - the national student feminist conference to do my workshop on Intersctionality. The workshop was absolutely packed! Everyone was brilliant. It was great to meet so many student feminist activist at such a vibrant event. Mega thanks to Leeds FemSoc for organising the weekend and for having me!

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