Sunday, 16 February 2014

Week 29 - Rabbits in waistcoats

Monday - I was at a feminist conference all last weekend so I thought, well ... should get some rest.

I had my first ever policy day! - (I Heart Consent Policy day). It took some time and it's still in the final works but I believe that we have built a strong motion which we can take and pass at our students' union's to get consent to become a necessary part of all Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance weeks as well as University orientations and inductions. Watch this space for updates :)

I spent the day in Northern Ireland because I was delivering a workshop on the history of intersectionality and how to incorporate it into organising in the student women’s movement at NUS-USI Conference. Many thanks to NUS-USI Women’s Officer Aisling Gallagher who invited me and UCLU Women’s officer Beth Sutton to Northern Ireland for the day and well done to everyone who got elected at conference

On Thursday was Love to Care , our first Student and Parents Meeting at the ULU Playhouse. Thanks to everyone who came, parents, carers, kids, UAL Artfems helper. It was only two hours but it felt like we spent half day in the playhouse talking about all of experiences of studying and caring, DLA, Student finance and growing up in households where our parents were students. I seriously can't wait to the next one!

I spent Friday trying to sort out plans for ULU Women's History Month as well as trying to work out how many women were running for Sabb positions at different London Uni's and what I could do to help. Although the NUS Women in Leadership initiative has put women students running for elections on the agenda for many unions (which is a positive thing), by the amount of emergency drop ins I've had to do so far I can tell that the NUS should be doing to equip student officers will the tools/guides to directly empower women on their own campuses.

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