Saturday, 26 April 2014

Week 38 & 39 - "Speak in French when you can’t think of the English for a thing..."

ULU shut down for a week so this is two weeks plastered together!

Week 38

Student Parents and Carers
I visited Carers UK HQ to get some materials for the next student carers meet up and was able to talk to a woman about what support services Cares UK provide for their members and also the recent rebranding of carers UK and that brings with it too. With the materials she gave me I was able to make bite size leaflets that summarised what they offered and as well as contact details for carers. I'm really looking forward to working with them and other carers organisations in the coming year. On May 16th in the ULU, in the Play House Gallery, with the help and funding from UCLU Love to Care - Student Parents and Carers Easter Meet Up happened :) It was great to see mothers present who were also active in the student movement and talk to them about how they juggle studying, parenthood, activism and how also intersectional aspects of their identities affect their lives.

Paris for Easter 
I spent half of my easter break in Paris and went to meet up with the officers at the University of London Paris Institute. Everyone was really lovely and welcoming and helped me work out how to get to places and took me to cool venues. I also discovered how much of a social hack I have become, talking allot about British and French politics in terms of current events, comparisons and linked issues.

I got to discuss with the incoming and outgoing officers about how their Students' Union worked and explain to them about what whats going on at ULU and what impact of the policy passed at the recent NUS National Conference would have at ULIP. It was really interesting to hear that ULIP is planning to affiliate to the NUS and I also got to discuss what benefits they may have even if they are located in Paris. Overall it was a great trip and I hope to see them again in the future, especially to get their members engaged with liberation campaigns, they have a lively feminist and LGBT society by the sounds of it.

Week 39 

The Good Night Out Campaign
I took part in an online conference about the next steps of the Good Night out campaign. To be honest I've never been n a conference call with so many people so it was quite alarming but more over a really productive meeting! Allot of the stuff I'm more likely to be focusing on in July when I start working in the NUS. Currently, I'm focusing on getting London Campuses on board.

Also since I have the privilege of being paid for feminist activism full time I'll probably be cracking on with a time scale outline for the the big Good Night Out Cites launch now that have a rough date. All very exciting stuff :) If you want to know some more about Good Night Out check out the mini site here -

I also put some new posters up around ULU and been pushing to fill the rest of the paces for the consent workshop training! You can check out how to get involved with that here! I'm on annual leave in Hamburg until Tuesday but I'll still be available via my work facebook for stuff.

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