Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 40 - “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Wow is it really week 40 already? Anyway I went on annual leave in Hambrug (it was really fun, ask me about activists squats and stuff if you see me) until Tuesday night so my week at ULU started on Wednesday.

So now most students are back from Eaters Holliday so the first thing I did was print out new coloured Good Night Out posters for the ULU toilets and one of our main bars and staff guidance posters for the staff room. Then I redesigned some of the training material for Saturdays Consent Workshop, making new agendas and more accessible facilitator tip guides (larger than the pocket sized ones that I handed out previously). After that fun wrestling the the photocopier, I went the University of Arts London SU to meet up with members of the NUS London committee to talk about upcoming NUS London plans.

MAY DAY! - I was always under the impression you don't work on May Day and go be super radical and storm the streets instead, but ironically I had one of my most busiest day in a while, but still doing some activism in my own way I guess. I did get walk in part of the May Day parade in London happening just by ULU though just before I travelled to LSE to facilitate a part of their, Equality & Diversity Consultative Forum which was really eye-opening. It's good to see a university acting on dismantling structural oppression and tackling lad culture within their institution, on student and staff level. The day ended with ULU Women's Forum which was great because, cool women, great conversations and hot pizza.

So I started the day off with fun times at the ULU Laurels committee. I hope you're up for awards, speeches and free food and wine because I know I am - just a couple of weeks left and a nice treat after exams :) After that I returned the office to print out Content workshop training material before heading over to help set up for the newest exhibition which will be showing at ULU on Tuesday. The exhibition is called Invisible space and you can find more information about the exhibit here on the ULU Website

Early morning wake up for me so I could set up and facilitate the 3rd I Heart Consent Training Day at ULU. Thanks to everyone who came, its alway great to be able to have conversations where I get to build the campaign even more with other involved. One of the pieces of feedback I got was to to provide more examples of how t make certain sections of the workshops more interactive. I'm going to be working on that next! I also got LeSoCo College's newspaper in the post with an article on I Heart Consent. Also met up with ArtFems folk and now I have great new ideas for the (potentially) final exhibit at the Playhouse Whoop! Seeya next week :)

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