Sunday, 11 May 2014

Week 41 - “The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today... today isn't any other day.”

Monday - Bank Holiday!

We opened the new exhibition at the ULU Play House. This exhibition is called "In/visible Space - Reflections on the realm of dimensional affect, space and the queer radicalised self" and it's a a series of visual essays by artist and writer Raisa Kabir. It asks different self identified South Asian LBTQ women, and trans/genderqueer persons, where do they feel the most visible, or safe to be LBTQ and South Asian simultaneously? Really colourful, educating and mesmerising work :) Want to know more? - Check out the website!

This was a full day of researching equality law and and different types of sexism in the work place. I'm arts student not not a law student, also I have specific learning difficulties so this is all taking a while, but i really want to gather up as much information and ways to help women in the work place and make it as accessible as possible. Also started working on a student staff anti-sexual harassment training folder for ULU. I guess I won't be around forever but they'll always be a staff manager at ULU and it will be good to leave them a easy to read guide about the policy we've passed, the procedures and staff training outline and things.

This day was dedicated to sorting out the second part of the women's workers right protect and involved me doing a call out and talking to women students who had faced sexism in the work places. The feedback was immense and I got many different types of responses which is good for the project in the sense people are will be able to see the various ways which sexism effect women in the workplace, but they were all very saddening to read, especially when in some cases women had left their jobs. Sexism Sucks.

I attended the #BringBackOurGirls solidarity demo at the Nigerian Embassy in central London with there Shakira, the NUS Women's campaign committee Further Education-Rep Elect. It was a great turn out and really emotional, well done to London Met Nigerian society for organising the event. In the evening I went to the Janelle Monae gig at Briton Academy where I nearly shed a tear for the second time that day when she held up #BringBack our gils placards and handed some out to the crowd.

Another early weekend wake-up, this time to take the coach to Oxford to get some lessons on Equality in Employment for my project on women rights in the workplace. Many thanks Manishita for helping me even when I asked dozens of questions about everything and when my learning difficulties kicked in full drive and I made you repeat things dozens of times. Trying to get my head around everything reminded me being back in my Philosophy AS class, where I got frustrated allot but also learnt allot which I'm grateful for :)  - Also WHOOP EUROVISION.

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